Hot knife in butter

The BMW 7 Series does all the duties right from making an appearance in your daily routines to being your business cocoon. Is it the best in business?

By Abhishek Kulkarni
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Hot knife in butter

Flagship cars are a treat to have, be it an ownership experience or for the limited number of days that you get to experience them in the seat of an automotive media personnel. The sheer amount of engineering and technical brilliance that goes in these cars is one of the best that is being offered in the world. The BMW 7 Series is one such brilliant product and the latest sixth-generation is surely a game-changer like all its predecessors.  

The new BMW 7 Series is like a hot knife in butter. The sheer brilliance that you experience in the car whether you drive it or sit behind and take the pleasure of being chauffeured around; it’s extremely smooth, wonderful, and amazing while providing a seamless driving experience like a hot knife in butter. It’s sharp! Extremely sharp and poised! The way it is important for a man to have blue denim and a white shirt in his/ her wardrobe, a similar way it is extremely important to have a luxury sedan in the house if you can really afford that kind of a car.

If you want to have a luxury sedan in your fleet, in my opinion, the new 7 Series is the one that you need to have. There are a lot of reasons behind this approval. First things first! The car looks amazingly aggressive, yet soft with the big kidney grille and all the soft yet firm flowing lines and looks like a huge thing that is coming your way when you see a 7 Series approaching. At the same time, it looks extremely elegant, and we Indians like the idea of having huge cars. We like the idea of having anything that is larger in size and BMW offers exactly the same as the 7 Series.

I love a lot of things about the car, firstly as I mentioned, the kidney grille, second is the rear section; the rear is extremely sleek and nice-looking in a nicer size, a size that you really expect in a car that costs a crore and a half, and it’s well designed, the sides of the car, the lines, the curves, etc. It is squarish and not too many rounds which make the car look a little softer but aggressive in design. We had the wine red colour and as per my personal interest is the best colour that BMW has come up with in their latest 7 Series. The car gets a hybrid powertrain so obviously good fuel economy and lends the car an extremely silent demeanor. You don’t know many times if the engine is switched on or off and for such a huge diesel engine to be such a silent car is an example of engineering finesse at its best.

It just feels nice, all because of the hybrid technology. Being a hybrid though, the power is exceptionally incredible, the way the car handles, it projects tones of confidence that you really want to possess. The car firmly holds the ground no matter what speeds you carry and the kind of a curve you throw it around, even the tightest hairpin. I must say that this car drives really well compared to its competitors. BMW has a USP of providing the sheer driving pleasure for the longest amount of time and the 7 Series has gone several notches above its competitors in this department.

The look and feel inside the cabin feel premium, BMW has changed the way the car looks from the inside and the monotonous BMW interiors are gone for good. The cabin gets elegant mood lights which you can change the colour depending upon your mood and choice. The cabin just looks amazing! The 7 Series cabin to me is like a cockpit, the cockpit of a bombardier. The gearshift is seamless and you hardly notice the change in gears while on the fly. The confidence and feedback that you get from behind the steering wheel when you are driving the car are incredible.

What do I talk about the rear seat of a car that is nestled in the flagship sedan of one of the three top German carmakers? There are acres of space and the legroom and headroom is super accommodating to swallow you and lend you more space to move around as well. The features offered by the car for the boss seat are immensely luxurious. You can almost make a straight bed out of the rear seats of the car, there is a massage function and you can recline the seat at any angle right from 90-degree to flat 180-degree. The co-driver seat adjusts itself while adjusting the boss seat and the footrests come up to rest your legs for a comfortable relaxing experience.

When you are chauffeured in the car, you are completely disconnected from the traffic around you. You do not hear anything that is going outside of the car, it feels as if you are cocooned in your own space inside the car. You have your own life inside the car without hearing anything from the outside and something that I love the most in all these luxury cars is the curtains that are provided along, which help you to completely detach yourself from the surroundings around. It surely gives you good privacy which ideally people who own this kind of a car do require.

I used the 7 Series as my daily driver for an entire day and did all the daily activities like my morning workout sessions, playing golf, and then I went for horse riding, went to the office in a suit, came back in the evening took my girl out on a date. I think the car suits everything that you want to do during your entire day. The 7 Series is a perfect cabin that is a jack of all trades and suits perfectly for all your daily activities right from being an everyday driver for personal use to being a proper professional cabin that feels an extension of your work cabin. I think this was the best experience of mine behind the seats of the car that gave me an intimate date evening. Everything from the mood lights, the cabin design, the space you get, and the detachment you get from the outside world is instrumental in giving you that experience.

My fiancé and I even had champagne in the car and the suspensions and ride quality does wonders to make the experience a soothing one. Post dinner we drove to Lonavala and came back, the car is not at all tiring; rather it’s extremely engaging and fun to be in. On a scale of 0-10, I would rate this car 12! No apologies for the exaggeration. It’s that amazing. This definitely is going to be my choice of a luxury sedan which would be hopefully in my fleet in 2021 itself. I have never been in so much awe of BMW ever. Mercedes-Benz has always stayed at the top of my luxury manufacturer’s list, BMWs have always been in second place for me but after driving all the BMW cars in the past 6-7 months I would say that BMW has definitely taken first place in my personal diary.